Krav Maga for Women

We offer 2 FREE Training Sessions so you can try Krav Maga before enrolling. Our school offers both “mixed classes” and “all-women classes“.

Understanding Women’s Krav Maga: A Vital Self-Defense Approach

Krav Maga for women, developed by Krav Maga Global (KMG), stands as a crucial self-defense solution tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by women in various civilian scenarios. This specialized training equips women of all ages with essential self-defense techniques, providing them with effective tools to fend off attackers.

Empowering Women Through Rapid and Relevant Training

Women’s Krav Maga encompasses various qualification options, including a concise 3 to 4-hour seminar, an immersive three-day workshop, and a comprehensive five-day instructor course for certified KMG civil instructors. Delving into situations derived from women’s daily routines, this method systematically teaches women how to maintain composure, defend themselves, counterattack, and eliminate danger.

Addressing Central Threats and Tailoring Defenses

Women’s self-defense Krav Maga prioritizes scenarios relevant to women, particularly focusing on the central threat of sexual assault. Recognizing the sensitive nature of this issue, the training involves substantial emotional preparation to instill confidence and the necessary aggressiveness to respond effectively.

Defenses are thoughtfully modified to align with women’s physiques and states of mind. Beyond sexual assault, the training also covers topics such as home invasion, third-party protection (shielding children), and utilizing common objects like keys or handbags for blocking assailants and counterattacking.

Beyond the Classroom: Women’s Self-Defense Resources

In addition to in-person classes conducted by certified KMG instructors worldwide, KMG offers an exclusive women’s self-defense DVD. This valuable resource serves dual purposes: as a learning tool for women, providing insights into self-defense principles and techniques, and as a teaching auxiliary for certified KMG women instructors.

The ‘Stay Away’ program, developed by KMG, further emphasizes the importance of women’s self-defense. Since its establishment in 1997, the program has evolved while maintaining its core focus on addressing the unique physical and psychological aspects of attacks on women.

Prioritizing Safety and Empowerment

Recognizing the value women place on financial security and family well-being, the ‘Stay Away’ program offers diverse options to cater to individual preferences. By prioritizing safety through self-defense training, women not only protect themselves but also gift their families with the assurance of security. With over 30,000 women worldwide having attended ‘Stay Away’ seminars, the program stands as a testament to its success in empowering women in the realm of self-defense.