Civilian Krav Maga

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Understanding Civilian Krav Maga

Civilian Krav Maga, an adaptation of the martial art originally crafted for the military, stands as a powerful means of self-defense for individuals seeking practical and effective training. Unlike its military counterpart, Civilian Krav Maga caters to a diverse audience through three distinct sub-sectors: Adult Krav Maga, Women’s Krav Maga, and Kids Krav Maga.


Tailored Self Defense Training for All

Adult Krav Maga

For adults engaging in Krav Maga, the extensive fitness training and techniques practise provides a versatile yet potent skill set. The accessibility of learning as a hobby, perhaps just once or twice a week, doesn’t diminish its effectiveness. This martial art rapidly equips practitioners with self-defense knowledge, capitalizing on natural responses and reflexes.

Women’s Krav Maga

Tailored specifically for women, Women’s Krav Maga addresses the unique challenges women may face in self-defense situations. The focus is on empowering women with practical techniques that capitalize on Krav Maga’s efficiency.

Children’s Krav Maga

Children’s Krav Maga introduces young learners to self-defense in a manner that is both engaging and age-appropriate. Through specialized training, children develop essential life skills while building a foundation in Krav Maga principles.

Progression and Expertise

Civilian Krav Maga, as managed by Krav Maga Global (KMG), adopts a grading system mirroring martial arts’ belt structure. The system comprises Practitioner levels (P levels), Graduate levels (G levels), and the pinnacle – Expert Levels (E levels).

Practitioner Levels (P Levels)

Accessible to beginners, the P levels serve as the foundational stage where individuals cultivate basic self-defense knowledge. Casual participants find themselves quickly engrossed in a passion that transcends mere hobby.

Graduate Levels (G Levels)

Reserved for seasoned Krav Maga enthusiasts, G levels mark a significant progression. Often attained by veteran trainees, G levels include those who may also qualify as instructors, contributing to the dissemination of Krav Maga expertise.

Expert Levels (E Levels)

The pinnacle of Krav Maga mastery, E levels are reserved for highly professional instructors. Members of KMG’s Global Instructor Team (GIT) exemplify expertise, embodying the highest standards of Krav Maga training.

Syllabus and Continuous Evolution

Real-Life Scenarios

Civilian Krav Maga’s syllabus comprises 5 P levels and 5 G levels, each rooted in real-life scenarios depicting actual attacks. As practitioners advance in rank, scenarios become progressively intricate, reflecting the evolving nature of potential threats.

Emphasis on Contemporary Effectiveness

KMG places paramount importance on the regular updating of its syllabus. This ensures that Krav Maga training remains contemporary and effective, aligning with the dynamic nature of real-world threats.

Beyond Training

Extra Curriculum Qualifications

In addition to the core curriculum, KMG extends opportunities for further specialization through seminars and workshops. These focused sessions delve into specific defenses and techniques, enhancing the expertise of Krav Maga trainees.

Join the Krav Maga Family

With training available globally, KMG invites individuals to join its ever-growing family and partake in the transformative journey of Krav Maga. For those aspiring to contribute significantly, the Civil Instructor Course (CIC) opens doors to a fulfilling career within the KMG community. Explore, learn, and become a part of the legacy of Krav Maga.